Folwell, Susan – Lidded Jar with Carved Birds

5"w x 11.5"h (w/ lid)

$ 3,300.00

Susan Folwell combines classic imagery with her own contemporary style of shape and design. This tall jar has carved birds in the center of the design.  They are polished tan and the bodies of the birds are carved at various levels, giving them a very distinctive appearance.  The color variation on the wings is from the traditional firing.  The jar itself is slipped with a pinkish-colored clay and there are additional birds painted on the surface.  The lid sits on the top of the jar and its shape is meant to evoke the classic Hopi-style bird.  The various colors and use of the matte and polished surfaces work perfectly on this piece.  It is signed on the bottom, “Susan Folwell”.  Susan’s pottery is meant to not only connect with us visually but also with touch and to make us think.