Folwell, Susan – “Lunch on Route 66” 20 Piece Clay Set

Tray: 8"w x 10" long Bottle: 11"h

$ 3,000.00

Susan Folwell is one of the exciting innovators in Pueblo pottery.  This is a set is for her current show, “Roads Well Traveled: Route 66“.  This piece is entitled “Lunch Route 66“.  There are 20 pieces, from a clay tray to a clay “BLT sandwich” and clay strawberry candies!  The bottle has one of her 1950s era “femme fatales” from an earlier series.  Susan said she wanted to create the idea of a foreigner (Russian) driving along Route 66 half a century ago.  Susan said, “The milk container is in Russian, but the sandwich is pure Americana.  It’s a story about how Route 66 became iconic around the world and a symbol of America in the age of the Cold War.  Imagine what a Russian would think driving across the country, stopping at all the motels in the shape of a tee-pee or seeing “the world’s largest petrified wood.”  It’s such a different era, filled with awe on both sides.” Who else would think of all the pieces of a clay sandwich and be able to make it look so real?  Phenomenal!  It is signed, Susan Folwell.

Susan says of this show:

“I’ve been taking trips and traveling along Route 66 in Arizona and New Mexico since I was a kid.  There is so much to see, interpret, and wonder about that past!  Much of the area lends itself to my natural interest in the obscure and unusual.  Neon signs from half a century ago still serve a purpose and are still in working order.  Curio shops are all along the route with enough to feed my imagination for weeks.  It history and reflection, a strange reflection of where we were as a country and a nostalgia that seems to continue to push through the cracks of time.  Honstely, it’s a walk down memory lane and there isn’t much about it, no matter how weird or unexpected, that just doesn’t make me want to smile.  I like that.”