Folwell, Susan – “Macho Milk” Jar and Clay Cookie (2022)

Milk: 5.5"w x 11"h Cookie: 6.5" diameter

$ 3,000.00

Susan Folwell continues to combine classic imagery with her own contemporary style of shape and design.  She has long used “pop art” and social commentary as a foundation for her pottery designs.  This is one of her exceptional pieces that combine creative form with creative designs. The “Macho Milk” carton is made from white micaceous clay.  It is a very realistic shape for the container!  The front has Batman saying, “Let’s meet back at the Pueblo for Feast Day, Robin”.  As the piece is turned, the next side has “Macho Milk, for the Super Hero in You!”.  The opposite has all the nutritional facts for the milk, which luckily doesn’t have any Vitamin C in it! The back as the classic “Missing Person”, which is Lionel Richie.  There is definitely a lot of humor mixed into this piece!  Susan also made a clay chocolate chip cookie to do with the milk (of course!).  The cookie is textured and actually looks amazingly real!  It’s great to see Susan back making some of her fun and provocative Pop art pieces.  It is signed on the bottom, “Susan Folwell”.