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Folwell, Susan – “The Vanishing”

Folwell, Susan – “The Vanishing”

9"w x 10"h
$ 4,900.00
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This jar by Susan Folwell is is extraordinary in both concept and design. The jar is entitled “The Vanishing” and it is inspired by the E.I. Couse “Hunter and Deer” painting.  Susan says of this piece,

“This is an important piece for me.  Here, the hunter is not looking for animals but he is peering into the vanishing place of Native Americans in the world. It show how his world is being taken over by the cities. The style of the rim, which I build and then put back into water to have give it an ancient appearance, reflects the vanishing of the ancient cultures in the same way.  Old gives way to new.”

The rim of the jar was wet after it was made so that it would “crackle” and have an older appearance. Susan then adds a fixative so that it will not further “erode” after the firing. The body of this jar is striking with the double under belly and the painting of the city below the hunter. The color, motion, movement and message are all stunning and cohesive on this jar.  It is signed on the bottom.

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