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Folwell, Susan – “Wind Wagon” Jar, Free Spirit Exhibit (2005)

Folwell, Susan – “Wind Wagon” Jar, Free Spirit Exhibit (2005)

10"w x 12"h
$ 5,800.00
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This is an important piece in the career of Santa Clara potter Susan Folwell. This large jar was made specifically for the “Free Spirit” exhibit in the Netherlands in 2005.  It is featured in the catalog on pp 56-7.   The jar is entitled, “Wind Wagon”.  The piece is one of her larger vessels and also one created at a time when she was reconstructing her vessels. The surface of the jar is etched with a series of horses and cars encircling the jar.  The theme is the evolution of the Native transport from horses to cars.  However, it was not enough for Susan to simply etch the designs but she also broke the jar and then laced entire piece back together with metal and glue.  The metal almost appears to look like staples or a roadmap, drawing the lines from each horse to car and tying them together.  Note as well the horse near the bottom of the jar is the last photo.  Susan put “windows” on the horse, as she said this horse was the one that couldn’t decide between being and horse and a car.  The jar is painted with acrylic along with natural clay slips.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  It is signed on the bottom.  It is certainly an important jar with an amazing historic provenance!  There are some additional images of the jar in the “Free Spirit” exhibit as well as in the Free Spirit Catalog.

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