Garcia, Sarah – Bowl with Lightning and Rain (1970s)

4.75"w x 3"h

$ 275.00

Sarah Garcia (1928-2015) was born at Laguna Pueblo to Maria Trujillo.  However, she spent her adult life at Acoma Pueblo.  She, along with Jessie Garcia, Lucy M. Lewis, and Marie Z. Chino, was largely responsible for the revival of Anasazi and Tularosa designs on contemporary Acoma vessels.  This bowl is painted with bold designs.  There are large black-and-white sections of lighting.  They are alternated with lightning and rain sections.  The rain is represented with thin lines. Note how she uses the negative space of the white to connect each section of the design!  The bowl was traditionally fired outside so there are some color variations on the surface.  It is signed on the bottom, “S. Garcia”.  It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.