Garcia, Tammy – Jar with Deer & Flowers (2019)

3.5"w x 3.5"h

$ 4,400.00

This is an exceptional black fired jar by Tammy Garcia.  For the size, there is an amazing amount of carving and detail!  The jar has birds on both sides.  Each bird is carved in various layers and note the detail on the plants on which they are standing.  Behind the birds, Tammy has stippled the clay so that it has an additional texture.  Separating the birds are carved sections with lightning designs.  The various colors of polished red areas work perfectly on this jar!  Tammy has won numerous awards for her pottery and been the recipient of the New Mexico Governor’s award.  It’s not surprising that with the intricate nature of her pottery she makes only about ten pieces of pottery a year.  Yet each piece is unique and expands on her distinctive style and voice in the clay. I was lucky to watch Tammy fire this jar and have some great photos of the process!  The last photo is a composite of the firing from red to black.