Group of 9 Hopi Vessels (Verona Silas, Gwen Setalla and Others)

Verona Silas Red Bowl: 2.75"w Joy Silas White bowl: 2.25"w Joy Silas small white bowl: 1.75"w Joy Silas small red bowl: 1.5"w Zora Silas White Bowl: 3.5"w Gwen Setalla Plate: 3" dia Gwen Setall bowl: 2"h Kalya N. Bowl: 1.75"h Kalya N. Bowl: 1.5"h

Original price was: $ 250.00.Current price is: $ 150.00.

This is a group of five Hopi vessels.  There is a red bowl by Verona Silas.  There are three small bowls signed, “Joy Silas”, from First Mesa.  There is one bowl by Zora Silas.  They are all made from native clay and then painted with bee-weed (black) and traditionally fired.  All five are in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.