Gutierrez, Lois – 15″ Tall Storage Jar with Quail, Swallows, Butterflies and Hummingbirds

15"w x 15"h

$ 7,800.00

Stunning! Lois Gutierrez is one of the few potters who continue to create large storage jars.  Check out the size of this piece, as it is massive! As well, she is one of the only Pueblo potters who makes a true polychrome vessel (more than 3 clay colors).  This jar has five different natural clay colors utilized.  The neck of the jar has rainbows, clouds, and a star pattern over a mesa.  It is a visually striking design. There is a similar but simpler cloud and rainbow design near the base. Around the shoulder with four different panels of designs.  There are butterflies, swallows, hummingbirds, along with quail and dragonflies!  Phew ! A lot  of imagery!  Lois said this was the first time she had painted swallows as part of her designs. Separating all the larger designs are smaller cloud and butterfly patterns.  The jar is a dynamic combination of colors and traditional designs.  Few of her pieces have this level of complexity in the designs!  Lois’s ability to create such beautifully painted scenes with clay is remarkable in addition to her portrayal of a cultural legacy in design in clay.  It is signed on the bottom “Lois 2019”.