Haungooah, Art Cody – Black and Sienna Clay Bear with Sun Design (1980) with Ribbon

4" long x 3"h

$ 850.00

This is a striking clay bear figure by Art Cody Haungooah.  It was coil-built and fully polished.  It was fired black and the head was two-toned sienna after the firing.  The back has a sun design along with a feather design.  It is a complex and detailed design.  Art Cody was known for his bears and this one is exceptional.  It is signed on the front of the head in the clay, “Haungooah”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  There is a blue ribbon from the 1980 Gallup Ceremonials.

Art Cody Haungooh: A “Reflected Light” in Pueblo Pottery