Haungooah, Art Cody- Black & Sienna Seedpot with Figure and Carved Feathers (1977)

2"w x 1.75"h

$ 300.00

This seedpot by Art Cody Haungooah is from 1977.  It is fully polished and has etched designs. The central medallion is “sienna”, which means that it was two-toned that color by reheating the area after firing.  The design is a figure playing a flute.  On the top of the seedpot there are more deeply incised feathers, both Kiowa and Santa Clara style.  On the side, the seedpot is polished and there are more incisded feathers.  Near the base, the piece is matte black which creates a striking visual contrast.  The piece is signed, “Haungooah”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

Art Cody Haungooh: A “Reflected Light” in Pueblo Pottery