Haungooah, Art Cody – Two Color Seedpot with Bird (1977)

2.25"w x 2"h

$ 375.00

This is one of Art Cody Haungooah’s unique “two clay slip” pieces from 1977. The top half is polished red and the bottom half is polished brown.  The top has a stylized bird with detailed wings and tail.  The surrounding matte area is “chipped” away to give it texture. The bottom half is polished a deep brown.  The seedpot is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Haungooah, 1977”.  It is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  Shipping included.

“One distinctive aspect of his pottery is the use of colored clay slips.  In the 1970s this was a new direction for Pueblo potters, as they added various colored clays to highlight their designs.  Art used a variety of clay slips, from red and brown to white, pink, blue, and green.  The use of color became more and more complex as his work evolved.  Art said, “I made one pot with twenty-one different colors on it.  It was in the Heard [Museum].  It took a first Special Award.  On the pottery I work on now, I’m only using two different kinds of clay and getting six or seven different colors. It’s just the control of firing and how you apply it.”  “A Reflected Light”.

Art Cody Haungooh: A “Reflected Light” in Pueblo Pottery