Hayah, Goldie “Shro-Te-Ma”- 14″ Tall Wedding Vase with Rainbows, Parrots and Heartline Deer

9.5"w x 14"h

$ 1,000.00

Goldie “Shro-Te-Ma” Hayah (b. 1956) is a granddaughter of Maria Trujillo (Laguna) and Jessie Garcia.  She is a daughter of Sarah Garcia and a sister of Debbie Brown, Donna Chino and the Mother of Juliet Hayah.  She learned to make pottery from Sarah Garcia and Jessie Garcia.  She is known for her large-size, coil-built vessels.  This large wedding vase is an elegant shape with a round shoulder and short spouts. The handle connecting the spouts is painted on the top with rain designs.  The body of the wedding vase has large Acoma parrots under double rainbows  Th e parrots are surrounded by flowers. Separating the birds are large heartline deer.  Near the base of the jar are painted plant and rain designs.  It is painted with bee-weed and two colors of red clay.  It is a creative piece that is fully painted and thin-walled! It is signed on the bottom, “Goldie Hayah”. It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.