Holt, Lisa & Harlan Reano – Jar with Wild Spinach and Flame Design

9"w x 12"h

$ 3,400.00

This is an exceptional jar by Lisa Holt and Harlan Reano.  Working together, they make an amazing team as they create innovative pottery using traditional techniques.  Lisa makes the pottery and it is painted by Harlan.  This jar has a tightly painted design around the neck with modernized wild spinach plant patterns around the sides and flowering motifs on the neck.  The designs on the sides are divided by a tendril or flame extension from the jar.  Harlan said that they had tried it before with two bands extruding out from the piece but the four were much more difficult.  The result, however, is a very cohesive appearance and flow of design and form.  The materials are all traditional as the red and cream are both native clays while the black is wild spinach (a plant). The jar is traditionally fired outdoors.  It is signed on the bottom.