Honanie, Watson – 14K Gold/Sterling Silver Double Overlay Longhair Katsina Bracelet

5" long

$ 1,050.00

Watson Honanie has long been one of the most sought-after Hopi jewelers creating the classic double overlay.  He is famous for his use of 14K gold and sterling silver.  Typically, his designs are cut out of 14K gold and then soldered to a piece of sterling silver.  This bracelet a Pueblo building scene at the center.  On one side are mountains and corn.  The other end of the bracelet has four Longhair Katsinas.  It is a very intricately designed bracelet and a classic style for Watson’s work.  It is signed on the back with his hallmark.

I’m am pleased to once again be working with Watson Honanie.  My parents worked with him for years at our store in Colorado in the 1980s-2000.  His creative and distinctive jewelry and his use of 14K gold and silver are visually distinctive.  It’s a great addition to both of the galleries!

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