Hooee, Daisy Nampeyo -Jar with Migration Pattern (1984)

5.5"w x 5"h

$ 800.00 $ 575.00

Daisy Hooee Nampeyo is one of the extraordinary Hopi-Tewa women making pottery in the last century.  She was a daughter of Annie Nampeyo Healing and a granddaughter of Nampeyo of Hano.  Her daughter is Shirley Benn and granddaughter Cheryl Naha Nampeyo.  Daisy spent many of her formative years with her grandmother and learned how to make pottery at a very early age.  However, she began to lose her vision and had an operation to remove cataracts due to an infection.  She attended the L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris through her benefactor, Anita Bladwin. When she returned to Hopi, she married Ray Naha, then Leo Pablano (from Zuni) and finally Sidney Hooee from Zuni.  Her life story is as fascinating as her pottery. This jar is from 1984.  It is a traditional jar with the classic migration patterns as the design. Note how she has painted the thin lines connecting each of the sections.  there is red on the top and bottom of the jar.  The piece was was traditionally fired to create the surface coloration.  It is in very condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  It is signed on the bottom, “Daisy Hooee Nampeyo”.  There is a photo of her with the jar that accompanies the piece.  Definitely a piece of history!