Juanico, Marie Sanchez – Six Color Jar with Rainbow Band

9"w x 9"h

$ 1,200.00

Marie Juanico (b. 1937) learned to make pottery from her mother, Dolores Sanchez (who lived to be 103!).  Marie began making pottery in1962.  She is known for her innovative use of various colors of clay slips on her pottery.  Her daughter Delores Juanico Aragon continues to make pieces in a similar style. This is a stunning larger jar by Marie.  The design is a rainbow that encircles the piece and a sun pattern in a medallion.  There are six different clay colors used on this jar!  Note near the base the linear rain designs in three different colors of clay.  The jar is fully designed and a pattern that follows the shape of the water jar.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “M. S. Juanico”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.