Kahe-Charley – Karen – Butterfly Maiden Canteen (1996) with Ribbon

7"w x 6" deep x 10"h

$ 950.00

Karen Kahe Charley is a daughter of Marcella Kahe. She learned to make pottery from her mother in 1980. This is an unusual piece.  It is a classic canteen that has been built up to create a Butterfly Maiden figure!  The headdress (tablita) of the figure has a painted butterfly on top.  There is a shawl design painted on the front.  The entire piece is fully polished. Note the opening of the canteen and the handles on the back of the piece!  The figure is painted with bee-weed (black) and red clay slip.  It was traditionally fired.  The piece is signed on the bottom with Karen’s hallmark.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.  The piece has a “Best of Division” Award from the 1996 Heard Indian Market.