Kanteena, Michael – Chaco-Style Bowls with Handles

Bowl with Rain Designs: 1.25"h Bowlw ith Corn Designs: 1.5"h

$ 150.00

Michael Kanteena is known for his pottery inspired by Chaco, Mesa Verde, and other Ancestral Pueblo pottery.  This is a pair of bowls with braided handles.  One bowl has rain designs in hachure lines.  The other has a checkerboard pattern representing corn.  Michael creates a striking style for his pottery with contemporary forms yet giving them the appearance of the ancient.  Micheal will often use techniques, such as sandpaper, to give the surface and painting an “aged” appearance.  The pieces are signed, “M. Kanteena”.  They are in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.