Lasiloo, Alan – “Rebirth” Dragonfly Long Neck Jar – 16″ Tall

10.5"w x 16"h

$ 1,100.00

Alan Lasiloo learned to make pottery at Institue of American Indian Aart. However, it has been the classic white clay at Zuni which has inspired much of his work. This large jar first speaks to Alan’s skill as a potter.  The jar has a round shoulder and an elongated neck.  The surface of the jar is rubbed to create a “silky” texture. The gray and yellow coloration on the surface is one of Alan’s famous “mistakes” which has become a signature of his pottery.  The coloration is burned into the surface of the pottery during the firing and has an arbitrary nature to the designs it creates.  The jar has a stylized dragonfly on one side.  The piece is entitled, “Rebirth”.  It is a striking balance of form, design, history, and technique.  It is signed on the bottom, ‘Alan Lasiloo”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.