Lente, Marquis – Five Color Water Jar with Parrots (1990s)

8"w x 7.5"h

$ 700.00

Marquis Dann-Lente (1970-2005) was the son of a Laguna mother and Hopi father and, in pueblo tradition, identifies with the heritage of his mother.  He chose to use the hyphenated name of his father, Dann, and his mother, Lente.  He was known for his traditional style of Laguna pottery.  This is an exceptional piece of his pottery.  It is coil-built and painted with bee-weed (black) and additional clay colores.  The jar is thin-walled and an elegant form. There are flowing plant designs around the neck of the jar. The parrots are large and encircling the piece.  They are painted two different colors of red. The “fifth” color is the brown painted on the backs of the heads of parrots!  The detail and precision of the designs is striking and creative.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “Lente”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.