Lonewolf, Joseph – “Lone Wolf” Seedpot (2000)

1.75"w x 1.5"h

$ 4,400.00

This is extraordinary seedpot by Joseph Lonewolf is from 2000.  The piece is one from the period when he began to create exceptionally detailed and realistic animals on his pottery surfaces.  The seedpot is entitled, “Lone Wolf” and it has the full body of the wolf etched into the clay.  Joseph said of this piece,

“Positioned in such a manner, somewhat a side view, yet frontal, against a dark background, brightened only by the magenta tones of the setting sun, it is easy to recognize the wolf’s heavy frame and long limbs.  Since he stands in clumps of dry-colored grasses, we are unable to see his forefeet or his back feet. Meticulously designed, the wolf’s fur is moderately long, thick and varies in color shades of white, gray, brown and black.  The open winged butterfly is symbolic of beauty.  Sketched in a side view manner is a full body designed buck, a big game food source for the wolf.  It is depicted in the Mimbres form. In front of the buck is a multi-color toned design depicting with several feathers the symbol of strength, and a badger print, symbolic of strength and good fortune.”  Joseph Lonewolf

The detail on the head of the wolf is exceptional. It is not just the eyes, but fur and the various levels of carving into the clay.  It’s hard to capture in the photos but even the tongue of the wolf is perfectly designed.  On the back are two “yearly” medallions on this piece, which signify 2000 and are symbolic for his mother (Agapita, a daisy) and father (Camilio, a sunflower).  The two symbols are reflective of their names in Tewa.  An interesting note about his piece is that was included as the image on his business cards for the year.  The piece includes one of these business cards along with the typed card with the information on the piece.  It is one of the more complicated and ornate realistic animal seedpot we have had by Joseph.  The seedpot is signed on the bottom in the clay and it is in perfect condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  Needless to say, again, it is not just extraordinary but a great piece of history!

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