Lucario, Rebecca – Plate with “Op-Art” Acoma Design

7.5" diameter

$ 1,650.00

Rebecca Lucario is known for her delicate and intricately painted pottery.  She uses traditional Acoma clay and paints with bee-weed (a plant) and clay slips.  Ever since one of her plates appeared on the cover of the “Changing Hands” exhibition catalog, her work has become iconic with fine-line style painting.  This plate is very intricately painted.  Ther center has a star design.  Extending outward are four bands of medallions, each with different classic Acoma designs.  The outer band is very intricately painted with an interlocking diamond-shaped checkerboard pattern.  Note the use of the deep red and the orange-colored clays.  The intricate design of the plate is certainly visually dynamic! It is signed on the back, “R. Lucario, Acoma, 2018”.