Lucas, Steve – Abstract “Cosmos” Jar

8.5"w x 4"h

$ 1,050.00

This jar by Steve Lucas is a classic Hopi shape with the wide shoulder.  The top of the jar is painted with geometric shapes which are then filled in with red and white clay slips which are then stone polished.  The various designs are meant to represent the sky and the cosmos.  Steve said of this style of painting:

“I try to mix the abstract and the classic design elements on the top to show how the two could be connected. I was always interested in looking at stars and finding inspiration there. Where I fire there are no streetlights. I can sit at night and see everything and watch a lot of stars.”  Steve Lucas, Spoken Through Clay

The area below the shoulder is polished red and there is a painted design near the base. This represents the earth with the top of the jar overhead.  The bowl was traditionally fired and has slight color variations from the firing.  It is signed on the bottom with his name and an ear of corn (Corn Clan) and a Mudhead Katsina.