Manygoats, Betty – Large Jar with Ladle, Scoops, and Lid (9 Pieces)

12.75"w x 11"h (w/ lid) Ladle: 15" Long Scoops: 6" Long each

$ 700.00

Betty Manygoats is known for distinctive Dine (Navajo) pottery with a “folk art” feel to the designs.  This is one of her few Cooking Jars with handles on the sides, six scoops, a ladle, and a lid!  The jar has a storage jar appearance with a round body and a short neck. There are corn plants on either side in relief.  The jar has six spoons or scoops. The lid rests on a ledge and there is an elongated ladle. The spoons rest in the six “handles” on the side. The piece was coil-built and traditionally fired.  There are some beautiful color variations from the heat of the fire!  After the bowl is fired, it is covered in pine pitch in the manner of traditional Navajo pottery.  The piece is signed on the bottom in the clay, “BM.”  Betty has won numerous awards for her pottery over the years.  It can also be found in museums throughout the Southwest.