Martinez, Maria – 12″ Gunmetal “Thunderbird” Plate, “Marie + Santana”, 1950’s

12.25" diameter

$ 6,800.00

WOW!  This is one of the most exciting designs on a Maria and Santana we have seen in a long time. The plate was made and polished by Maria Martinez and painted by her daughter-in-law, Santana.  The design is a Thunderbird that encompasses the entire surface of the plate.  The tail has a feather design, and the wings are painted with small hachure lines.  The head has swirling and linear designs.  It is striking in person with perfect painting.  In addition, the plate was fired to a silvery-gunmetal coloration.  It had to photograph it at an angle, but it really captures the dynamic silvery gunmetal surface!  Take a closer look at the tail feathers, and the elongated vents (the rectangles at the end) are much more typical of Popovi Da’s painting.  There was a period when he was starting to paint the pottery but they were still signed, “Marie + Santana” and this may well be one of those pieces.  There are so many aspects of the design that are indicative of his style.  However, it is signed “Marie + Santana” on the back in the clay, and is most likely from the 1950s.  It is overall in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair. There is a small ‘burn out” in the top feather on the bird’s head, but taking a closer look at it, it looks like it happened during firing and so shouldn’t be repaired.  Definitely and exciting and visually dynamic plate with spectacular design and coloration!

Maria Martinez Signatures