Martinez, Maria – 12″ Tall Gunmetal Long Neck Feather Design Jar “Maria Pove’ka” (1956-8)

8.5"w x 12.25"h

$ 9,800.00

WOW!!  This is an exceptionally tall long-neck jar by Maria Martinez and Popovi Da (.  The jar was made and polished by Maria.  It is one of her classic long neck water jars. It is certainly one of the most iconic shapes that she made throughout her career.  The jar has a feather pattern painted around the shoulder.  As Maria didn’t paint her pottery, it was most likely painted by her son, Popovi Da.  The shape and style of the feathers is an indication. As well, I remember Richard Spivey (who wrote the books on Maria) that when Popovi Da was first starting to paint her pottery, he would paint on all her pieces, whatever the signature.  This jar is signed “Maria Pove’ka” on the bottom.  It was fired to a glassy, near gunmetal coloration.  The silvery coloration is one that Popovi worked to master and create on a consistent basis to become a signature of their pottery in the 1960s  Finding larger pieces in such great condition is always an exciting testament to their creativity and skill as potters!  The jar is in very good condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.

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