Medicine Flower, Grace – Seedpot with Squirrels and Flowers (1976)

2.25"w x 2"h

$ 1,200.00

Grace Medicine Flower began her career making miniature pottery with incised designs.  This is an intricate seedpot is from 1975.  It is round in shape and fully polished.  The seedpot has two realistic squirrels etched into the clay. One has a nut and is sitting on a branch. The other is climbing along a branch. They are both highly detailed.  They are surrounded by rain, cloud, and lightning designs.  The backgroud is matte and has small lines to create shadows and contrast with the polished surfaces. The seedpot is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Grace Medicine Flower”.   It is intricate, elegant and a stunning piece of history. 

When the pottery comes out the way she should, it’s always the Clay Lady. She’s the one who’s giving you all this. She’s a piece of clay in your hands that you were blessed with. For all the years I’ve been potting it’s taught me patience. If it brakes in the fire, then there’s next time. Have patience, enjoy what you are doing, and really, really talk to the Clay Lady. Like my dad said, prayers and patience.”  Grace Medicine Flower, Spoken Through Clay