Moquino, Bernice – Jar with Butterflies, Peacock, and Flowers

2.5"w x 3.25"h

$ 275.00

Bernice Moquino (b. 1970) is a daugther of Corn Moquino and a sister of James, Christopher, Mark, Marvin, MelvinMartin, Matthew, and Michael Moquino.  She began making pottery in 1989, learning from her father.  This jar is fired brown, with the color ranging from dark to light brown as it is turned. There is a large peacock as the design on one side, surrounded by butterflies and flowers.  It is a highly detailed jar.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Bernice Moquino”.  

“I enjoy creating artwork, because I watched my father Corn Moquino when I was Young. I enjoyed drawing, I started playing with clay. It became an extension of my soul. Making pottery soothes me and brings me peace. It’s a part of me and when the Lord decides to tame me from this earth, a part of me will always live on in my art. My brother James Moquino taught me how to form a wedding vase. I thank my brother every time I create a wedding vase.” -Bernice Moquino