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Moquino, Jennifer – Carved Jar with Magpies

Moquino, Jennifer – Carved Jar with Magpies

3.75"w x 4"h
$ 3,400.00
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This is Jennifer Moquino’s second jar which she has carved. The jar was carved before it was fired and she has created the design of the magpies.  The background flower and cloud designs have both micaceous and matte areas. The polish on the jar is glassy, as can be seen especially on the neck of the piece.  There are four magpies carved into the clay, polished and then etched on the surface with the realistic designs.  Check out the detail in the heads, wings the tails.  Jennifer said that she had several magpies in her yard and studied them to get the coloring correct.  There is a beautiful flow to the birds as they circle around the piece.  Around the neck are carved cloud designs.  All the colors are from natural clay slips.  It is an exciting change to see Jennifer begin carving into her pottery and the results are certainly exceptional!

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