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Moquino, Jennifer – Lidded Horned Lizard & Harvest Ants Jar

Moquino, Jennifer – Lidded Horned Lizard & Harvest Ants Jar

2.25"w x 3.5"h (w/lid)
$ 975.00
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Jennifer Moquino is known for the realism of her pottery.  Each piece is coil built and then etches the designs into the surface.  This piece is very intricately etched with an amazing amount of detail in the lizards!  There are two Texas Horned Lizards on the jar and Harvest Ants.  The little incised ribs around the lizard and ants are perfectly etched!  As well, the scales on each of the lizards are just perfect!  Note as well the matte black carved areas of swirling sand designs which separate the two sections and the small lizard tracks just on the rim!  The lid is etched with cloud designs.  The colors are all natural clay slips.  All the different colors are derived from natural clay slips.  Jennifer continues to be one of the leading innovative potters working today!

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