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Moquino, Jennifer Tafoya – “Turkey Girl” Large Tile

Moquino, Jennifer Tafoya – “Turkey Girl” Large Tile

9" x 6" (Tile) 15" x 12" (Framed)
$ 2,600.00
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Jennifer Moquino is known for her clay vessels and exceptional realistic animals.  This is one of her largest tiles she has made.  It is fully polished and etched.  The piece is the Pueblo story of the “Turkey Girl”.  The story is considered the Pueblo version of “Cinderella”.  The story below is one written by Juan de la Cruz, for his Turkey Girl jar.

“Turkey Girl’s tattered and worn clothing was taken and transformed into beautiful garments: a dazzling necklace and intricately woven mantle were draped upon her arms.  The turkeys that she tended to presented these gifts: for they knew her heart’s desire was to participate in the festivities being held in the neighboring village. In exchange for this and the kindness she always showed towards them, they were given freedom and traversed into the narrow mountain pass where they reside to this day”. Juan de la Cruz

On this tile, the girl is being given new mocassins as she is surrounded by the turkeys.  Check out the amazing use of detail in the feathers of the birds!  All the various colors are derived from natural clay slips.  Jennifer has included a mica slip for the ground.  In the left corner is a stylized set of turkey feathers etched in the style of her father, Ray Tafoya. The tile is framed so that it can be mounted on a wall.  It is signed on the side.  Jennifer continues to be one of the leading innovative potters working today!

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