Naha, Helen “Feather Woman – Small Bat Wing Design Bowl (1980s)

3.75"w x 1.25"h

$ 475.00

Helen Naha created distinctive pottery using the white kaolin clay slip throughout her career.  The designs were all painted using bee-weed (black) and natural clay slips.  She learned to make pottery from her mother-in-law, Paqua Naha yet had her own style in form, imagery, and composition. This is a small open bowl that is fully polished on the inside and outside.  The outside of the bowl has four bat wings painted on the surface.  They are each tightly patined with a lot of thin lines.  For a small open bowl, the inside is fully polished, giving it a shine when you look down on the piece.  The bottom has her hallmark “feather”.   It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.