Namingha, Les – “Crow Hop” Polychrome Jar (2023)

8.5"w x 8.75"h

$ 9,800.00

Les Namingha has, over the years, created exciting variations in his pottery with new painting and technical styles. This new jar has a round body and a short elongated neck.  The piece is fully painted.  It is entitled, “Crow Hop”.  The jar is painted in his “layers” style.  Near the neck on one side is a “crow” in a medallion. There are other bids, Sikyatki-style birds, and even a dragonfly. The fluid variety of designs is striking on this piece. Note the checkerboard areas, as well as the small, pointillism-painterly areas.  The birds are all filled in with Hopi pottery designs.  It is amazing how many colors he can use on a piece and have such dynamic results!   The piece is signed on the bottom, “Les Namingha”.