Namingha, Les – “Elliptical Illusion” Large Jar

11.5"w x 11"h

$ 9,500.00

Les Namingha has, over the years, creatively changed his pottery with new painting and technical styles. This large jar is coil built.  The piece is painted with a series of overlapping ellipses that are carved, painted, and textured into the clay.  The angle of the main ellipse matches the shape of the rim! The jar has three large Sikyatki inspired birds painted above the shoulder.  They are each highly detailed with traditional Hopi-Tewa designs. The texture on the bottom is a nice surprise when you hold the jar!  Les Namingha remains one of those potters who continues to defy expectations in his innovative clay art.  He pulls from his artistic background as well as his Zuni and Hopi heritage.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “Les Namingha”.  There is a blue ribbon from the 2022 Gallup Ceremonials.