Namingha, Les – “Ex Tweet” Large Jar

9"w x 11"h

$ 12,000.00

Les Namingha has, over the years, created exciting variations in his pottery with new painting and technical styles. This jar is entitled, “Ex Tweet”.  Les said of this piece:

“Titled “Ex-Tweet”.  The jar is an abstraction of thought.  My musing on this piece are thoughts on “x” or the new name for twitter.  The ambiguity, hype, beatitute, and the tweak in changing the name.  There is finality, color, wallow, mute, shake, progress, spin, and flutter. The concept is encompassing and uncertianty, celebrating and misin terpreting. Tag, bubble, time, wander, wonder, warble, and birds.  Simply put, humans.

The shape is one that Les often uses on his larger pieces with a high shoulder and short neck. The shape of the jar creates a lot of space for design.  The bird imagery can be found in various forms and styles across the jar.  There is a graffiti style combined with pop-art.  It’s always exciting to follow the journey Les creates in his pottery and the thought process.  The piece is signed on the bottom, “Les Namingha”.