Namingha, Les – “Like” Contemporary Jar

5.75"w x 6"h

$ 1,700.00

This very detailed jar by Les Namingha.  The shape is one of Les’s classic forms with the flat and flat top.  The top section has Hopi birds painted with detail.  The lines are the migration path.  Around the side are bold bands of color separated by sections of swirling clouds and water designs.  The base is very smooth and highly burnished, giving it the opposite tactile sensation from the top of the jar, which has textural mica.  The name of the jar is “Like” and he has written the title on the top of the piece.  Les said that in social media today, everyone is asked to “like” a post or the art.  The “like” button and how many likes you receive is the new immediate art critic.  He has definitely created an interesting and timely commentary on both social media and art!  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Les Namingha  2020”.  Les says of his pieces which have layering:

“The concept of layering is inherent in our mortal journey. As time moves forward, our memories become layered. Some memories remain vibrant, others faint or hazy. Yet others, obscure or even hidden. Likewise, our experiences, words, works, emotions, prayers, and songs build up in layers creating our existence. In turn, our social interactions become exercises in layering. We see this in evidence with street art or graffiti writing where layers of thought and a desire to express a “proof of existence” create tapestries of color and marks. Blending, covering, harmonizing, dissonance, disappearing. This concept of layering is the idea behind Urban Polychrome and other works in the Urban Series.”  Les Namingha