Namingha, Les – “Neo-Jar 2” Polychrome Jar (2023)

6"w x 6"h

$ 2,000.00

Les Namingha has, over the years, created exciting variations in his pottery with new painting and technical styles. This jar is entitled, “Neo-Jar 2”.  It has a round body and an elongated neck.  The jar has a swirling bird on one side. There are painted, both matte and glossy, geometric shapes.  Opposite the bird is a section with swirling, intertwined circles, which is how he depicts the migration pattern. Next to that are rectangular shapes that are carved into the clay and then painted with his signature pointillism style.  The jar also has a textural feel which complements the smooth, glassy areas.  It is amazing how many colors he can use on a piece and have such dynamic results!   The piece is signed on the bottom, “Les Namingha”.