Nampeyo, Nyla Sahmie & Michael Sahmie – Bowl with Cloud and Rain Designs

3"w x 2"h

$ 150.00 $ 125.00

Nyla Sahmie Nampeyo, is a daughter of Priscilla Nampeyo and a sister or Bonnie Nampeyo, Rachel Sahmie, Randy Sahmie, Jean Sahmie, and Andrew Sahmie.  She is a great-great granddaughter of Annie Healing and a great-great-great granddaughter of Nampeyo of Hano.  This bowl was made by her son Michael (b. 1981) and painted by Nyla.  It is fully polished on the inside and outside.  The bowl is painted with a cloud and rain design using bee-weed and polished red areas.  The piece was traditionally fired which created the blushes on the surface.  It is signed on the bottom “Nyla Sahmie Nampeyo + Micahel”.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.