Natseway, Thomas – Chaco Style Water Jar with Four “Handles”

2.25"w x 1.5"h

$ 500.00

Thomas Natseway is one of the most renowned miniaturists in Pueblo pottery.  Rarely does he make a piece that is over 1″ tall or wide!  This is one of the most interesting and complex pieces I’ve seen of his work.  It is a Chaco Canyon style water jar painted with a geometric cloud design.  Extending out from the shoulder are four “handles” that curve downward and meet below the jar, making it suspended!  The four handles are painted with triangular rain designs.  Everything is just outstanding with this piece with great dimension and detail.  It is signed on the bottom, “Thomas Natseway”.  The last photo is one of this piece next to one of his “regular sized” miniatures, for size comparison.