Natseway, Thomas – Three Interlocking Clay Vessels

1.25"w x 3"h

$ 1,500.00

Thomas Natseway is one of the most renowned miniaturists in Pueblo pottery.  Rarely does he make a piece that is over 1″ tall or wide!  This is an amazing group of three pieces.  Not only do they interlock, but they are a bit larger in size than his regular work.  However, the painting is amazing!  The top piece is square in shape.  It has a kiva step design on the top of the lid.  The sides are intricately painted with checkerboard and fine-line patterns. The central piece is a melon bowl with sixteen polished ribs.  The bottom piece is also square in shape.  The top is flat and painted with fine-lines.  The sides are painted with four different flowers.  Each flower has a different design and is highlighted with red clay slips.  The system for interlocking each piece is fascinating. The bottom bowl has a round opening and the melon jar has an extended round base.  The opening on the melon bowl is square. The top piece has a square extended base and a round top opening.  They are perfect to set one into the other!  The piece is signed, “Thomas Natseway”.  Phenomenal!  The last photo shows this set next to one of his normal-sized miniature.