Navasie, Eunice “Fawn” – Jar with Hopi Birds, Rain Designs and Flute Rim (1970s)

8"w x 5.5"h

$ 600.00

Eunice “Fawn” Navasie was a daughter-in-law of Paqua Naha and a sister-in-law of Joy “Frogwoman” Navasie.  This is an earlier piece of her pottery but distinctive in coloration.  The black is bee-weed, but she also used a distinctive red and yellow clay.  The designs are rainclouds and Hopi style birds.  They are painted in four sections with lines separating the panels.  Eunice often experimented with various clay colors on a white background to give her pottery a more distinctive appearance.  The jar was traditionally fired which created the striking coloration!  It ranges from a “meringue” tan to white.  Eunice was known for her great colorations from the firing.  The jar is signed “Fawn”, which is how she signed her pottery before using the fawn hallmark.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.