Patricio, Robert – Water Jar with “Starburst” Design

9.75"w x 9.75"h

$ 1,200.00

This water jar by Robert Patricio utilizes classic Acoma imagery.  Robert is known for his classic forms and use of both traditional and pre-historic imagery.  This jar is coil built and thin-walled. It has a classic water jar shape with a high shoulder and a short neck.  The jar is intricately painted with four “starburst” patterns on each side.  They are highlighted with very thin lines. Separating each of the four stars are four vertical sections with cloud and mountain designs along with rain imagery (the thin lines).  The interior and base of the jar are painted with a red clay slip.  The black and white coloration gives the jar a very modern appearance.  Robert is certainly one of the leading traditional Acoma potters working today which is evidenced by his stunning forms and complementary designs.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “R. M. Patricio”.

Robert said recently of his pottery:

““The pottery inspires me to keep going.  Keeping the tradition alive in making pottery, that’s how we were brought up.  Our ancestors started making pottery.  It’s amazing what comes of a piece of clay. When you come to Acoma it’s peacuful and quite.  When you look a piece of pottery, you see the same peacefulness.”   Robert Patricio, 2020