Qoyawayma, Al – Jar with Mosquito Man Design (1985)

3.75"w x 4.25"h

$ 1,950.00

This a classic water jar by Al Qoyawayma.  The jar has a high shoulder and turned-out rim.  The entire surface is fully polished in a vertical manner, or what is called an “onion skin” polish.  On one side there is the “Mosquito Man” in repousse, which means the design is pushed out from the inside, it is not applique!  Al learned this technique from his aunt, Elizabeth White.  It is a time-consuming process that must be done when the clay is still a bit wet. The figure is matte.  The Mosquito man is a design seen in the Pueblo Kiva Murals (See last photo).  The jar is signed, “Qoyawayma”.  it is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.