Qoyawayma, Al – Polychrome “Kiva Pept” Large Jar

7.5"w x 13"h

$ 17,000.00

Al Qoyawayma has over the past 20 years created a variety of polychrome pottery.  He said that his initial idea was to think about how Hopi pottery would have evolved if there had been no Western contact.  The carving, shapes, and color are all part of his visualized “evolution” of the art.  This is a large jar that is fully polished, even on the inside! The jar is carved in a single large section. The design comes from the Pottery Mound murals in New Mexico.  The piece is entitled, “Kiva Pept” as it is a design that comes from Kiva Mural #9.  It is a stylized version of a bird tail pattern, emanating out from all four directions. There is even a small carved eagle on the upper left corner. The designs are carved into the clay at various levels and the texturing and linear work create the feel of feathers!  There are five different clay colors used on this piece.  Al said it was one of the few times he has tried to “blend” the colors between one another.  It is a VERy time-consuming and difficult process, as the clays, when applied to the clay body of the jar, almost immediately dry!  Not only are they blended but polished! The results of his time, however, are visually striking. The remainder of the jar is fully polished, even on the inside of the jar.  The jar is signed on the bottom in the clay, “Al Qoyawayma”.  It is a new piece from 2022.