Romero, Diego – “Diana Daughter of Hippolyte Queen of the Amazons”

12.5"w x 4.5"h

$ 6,500.00

Diego Romero was one of the potters around 1990 to break away from more classic shapes and styles of pottery. He returned to a pre-contact style of Mimbres culture (1100’s in southwest New Mexico) and was inspired by the open bowl shape. This has been his “canvas” throughout most of his career.  As Diego has said about himself:

“Fate brought me to Otellie Loloma who taught me traditional pottery, which deep down, I had always wanted to learn. Half Berkeley boy, half Cochiti man — making art on the perimeter. Being true to my imperfectness and honest unto myself has helped guide this journey of being an artist for 30 years now.”  Diego Romero “Diego Romero v. The End of Art“.

This piece is entitled, “Diana Daughter of Hippolyte Queen of the Amazons”.  It is part of his series that combines both his fascination and interest with comic books and Pueblo women and art. Here he has depicted Diana (aka Wonder Woman) in the center of the bowl.  She is surrounded by a checkerboard and cloud pattern on a large bowl with a flared rim. It is signed on the rim, “Chongo Made and Painted Me”.  The bowl is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration or repair.  It comes with a metal museum mount stand made specifically for the piece.

Diego is currently the subject of a major exhibition of his work at the Museum of Indian Art and Culture in Santa Fe, NM.  Click here to see more about the exhibit.