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Sanchez, Russell – Rain Drop Rim and Double Shoulder Water Jar

Sanchez, Russell – Rain Drop Rim and Double Shoulder Water Jar

5.5"w x 6"h
$ 7,200.00
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This is a classic water jar by Russell Sanchez.  The shape is a very traditional form with a round shoulder and fluted neck.  The shoulder of the jar has been carved with 16 melon ribs.  The interesting aspect of his jar is where the shoulder meets the neck. It comes to a very sharp point, dips down and the begins to go up to the neck.  It is the small area where it dips down which is always difficult to create.  However, the interesting result is how the light hits the shoulder and the indention!  The top down photos really shows off the edges! Beautiful!  The rim is fluted with 16 undulations, which again, are difficult as they often crack during polishing or firing. The jar is fired a dark black coloration, with some almost gunmetal areas.  The neck has two bands of black mica separating three bands of shell hei-shi beads.  The overall polishing on this jar is extraordinary as polishing all the different angles at one time is what creates the challenge.  It is fascinating how Russell has gone back to revive old style and create their modern versions.  Russell continues to creatively revive historic San Ildefonso designs with his innovative style of pottery.  The bottom of the jar has the classic indention of traditional San Ildefonso water jars.  It’s exciting how Russell uses these historic elements to keep them alive on his contemporary pottery.  It is signed on the bottom in the clay, ‘Russell”.

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