Sanchez, Russell – Red and Green Bird Effigy Jar with Lid (2008)

6" long x 7"h

$ 7,700.00

This is a clay bird effigy jar by Russell Sanchez.  The bird is coil-built, stone polished, incised, and traditionally fired.  The piece has an extended bird tail and the head of the bird is turned to the side.  The head is polished green and the body of the bird is a deep red.  The bottom area is an orange-red color.  The sides are incised with bird wing designs.  There are seven inset pieces of turquoise. There are square pieces of turquoise around the neck of the bird and a band of copper leafing.  Near the base, there are three rows of shell hei-shi beads along with alternating rows of copper leafing. The lid is polished red and sits on the back of the bird.  The jar and the lid are both signed on the bottom, “Russell” along with his kayak figure cipher.  It is in excellent condition with no chips, cracks, restoration, or repair.