Sarracino, Myron – Large Jar with Lightning Designs

9"w x 8.75"h

$ 500.00

Myron Sarracino is one of the few Laguna potters working today.  He learned to make pottery from Gladys Paquin and creates pieces that are thin-walled and tightly painted. This jar has a high shoudler and a short neck. It has a classic lightning design painted across the entire surface.  The top band is painted with red clay.  It is is a complex design with a lot of fine-line work!  Note on the rim that there is a  painted “spirit line”, which is where the “spirit” of the painter is able to leave the piece and it is also a tribute to the potters who came before.  It is seen on much older Acoma and Laguna pottery.  The jar is signed on the bottom, “Myron Sarracino”.