Setalla, Dee – Large 12″ Bowl with Elk Designs

12.5"w x 8.25"h

$ 1,800.00

Dee Setalla is a son of noted potter Pauline Setalla and a brother of Stetson Setalla, Gwen Setalla, and Agnes Nasonhoya.  This large round bowl with high sides is coil built, stone polished, and painted with bee-weed (black) and various clay slips.  The bowl has a series of elk painted as the designs. The elk are symbols of swiftness.  In the bodies of each elk, Dee has painted a variety of Hopi designs.  There are corn, cloud, thunderbird, bear claw, and dragonfly imagery.  Luckily, Dee wrote out all the meanings of his designs, which is a fantastic addition to understanding his creative art.  The bowl is tightly painted with the design encircling the tall sides of the piece.  The bowl has blushes from the traditional firing.  The jar is signed with his initials “D. S.” and bear paw (for Bear Clan).  Most recently, Dee won the prestigious “Helen Naha” Award at Santa Fe Indian Market in 2019.